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Dustin Andrew Northup is the grandson of Ralph and Bernice Northup through Dale Alan Northup and Diane (Campbell) Northup (their middle son). Dustin married Julie Jorgensen and she got in touch with me and sent this biography:

Dusty and I have 2 daughters together, McKayla and Katerina. Dusty grew up in Neillsville, WI (though he was born at St. Joseph hospital in Marshfield, WI -- same as my youngest daughter, Katerina). I was born in Minneapolis, MN (McKayla was also born here).
Dustin grew up being involved with carpentry (as Pa is a coveted carpenter) and automechanics (Duane used to have his own shop). All the boys hunt with Pa and they all have a love for the races and demo durbies! Dusty often reminds me of the old Indian Warriors - he sees pain in a matter of degree and doesn't let if effect him, he is a provider that seeks to put his family first and he is a hunter/fighter. It is appropriate that his name means "warrior!"
We met through his best friend from childhood, Robert Wagner. Dusty was 10 yrs and I was 11 yrs. when we first met though we didn't start dating until we were both 19 years old. Dusty had tried to connect with me many times while we were growing up, but to no avail. We basically ony saw one another when Bob brought Dusty to our family get togethers or we saw him at Bob's house while we visited. Dusty had suffered a tradgic vehicle accident where he broke his back on 6/18/1991 that managed to bring us back together after an absence of like 3 years of not seeing/talking. It was like a fairy tale and we eloped, causing some initial riffs in the family. Let me just add, it was worth it! Dusty is my best friend and I love him completely!
Dusty, unfortunately, lost his military career because of breaking his back, but he did serve in the WI Army National Guard 8/90-7/92 in the Red Arrow Division of the Combat Engineering in Neillsville, WI. He was a decorated recruiter during Desert Storm. Though he loves the military and has tried for over a decade to return to duty, he doesn't hold any remorse for his accident. He trusts in GOD and believes that it happened for a reason that benefits GOD's plan and will. I am so proud of him for that and thank GOD for bring us together!
While I worked, Dusty was primarily a home-dad, supporting me as a career woman. Then I was blessed with being a home mom while Dusty spent 3 1/2 years as an OTR trucker. Finally, we moved to Texas where we are both pursuing careers and finally feel at home!
Dusty works for Oceaneering International. He enjoys dirt biking with his cousin, Mike and attending church with the ladies & me!
God has richly blessed us!

Dustin Andrew Northup Family

Children of Dustin and Julie Northup

McKayla Marie Northup DOB: 2/18/1993 Minneapolis, MN
Katerina Leigh Northup DOB: 9/16/1994 Marshfield, WI
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Dusty & Julie on 9/7/91

Dusty & Jewels
Dusty & Jewels 2003

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